Which project management tool do developers prefer?

Developers are creative, intelligent people who are passionate about finding solutions to problems that range from the simple to the complex. Getting their innovative solutions into the hands of users often requires a team effort, and like teams everywhere, they experience project visibility, collaboration, and workflow challenges. To overcome these challenges, they turn to project management software.

Here at Intuit®, we use Jira Software, but we wondered which project management software our developer audience prefers.

So, we decided to find out.

Developers declare their preferred project management software

In a recent Intuit Developer Twitter poll, we asked developers to name their favorite project management tool. Of the 3,715 developers who responded, a whopping 47.6% voted for Teamwork. The next closest (after “Other”) was JIRA with 16.5%.

Once we found out the preferred project management software, we decided we needed to take it a step further and find out why.

According to Teamwork, their work and project management tool can help you and your team get organized and manage complex projects, while allowing you to customize the tool to your specific needs and wants. “Teamwork is the complete and flexible way to manage projects that’s still easy to use.”

They boast such customers as PayPal, Spotify, Disney, and Netflix, and here’s one more: the Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019.

According to Clayton D’Costa, Special Olympics World Games director of planning and integration, and Shekhar Tamasker, section head of scheduling and reporting, delivering such a major event requires years of planning by thousands of people on different teams and in different industries. The Local Organizing Committee required centralized project management software that could keep everyone on the same page, was easy to use, and allowed each team to work how they wanted to work while ensuring they achieved their goals.

“With Teamwork, we have a product that can do pretty much all of what we wanted and more,” saysShekhar.

Clayton adds, “Teamwork’s flexibility has really helped us keep an eye on the bigger picture whilst at the same time managing the complex multifunctional facets.”

Teamwork specifics

Though much larger in scale than most developer projects, the Special Olympics testimonial substantiates Teamwork’s claim that it’s able to help you and your team successfully deliver your project(s) by providing:

  • Greater visibility: Get status updates on tasks and milestones, keep tabs on who is working on what, and spot and stop potential problems before they begin.
  • Stronger collaboration: Maintain accountability and allow clients access when needed.
  • Smoother workflows: Automate project planning, and set up and use custom templates.

Teamwork offers project management apps for desktop, iOS, and Android; the desktop app makes launching Teamwork quick and easy. You can connect with Microsoft Office apps, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for importing and exporting of data, and use the Gmail add-on and the Google Chrome extension for seamless workflows.

In addition, Teamwork Apps offers integrations with the tools you and your team love. For example, you can easily integrate with HubSpot, Slack, Float, and more.

Finally, Teamwork offers a mobile version. In these times, working remotely has become a necessity. According to Teamwork, anyone using their remote work software can work anywhere, anytime, and manage remote teams with clear visibility. In fact, communication and connection isn’t severed because you’re not in the office. The Teamwork Chat, Board View, Templates, and Workload features are all you need to successfully work in a remote environment.

Which project management software is right for you?

Teamwork appears to be flexible, easy-to-use project management software developers can use to lighten their load and manage their projects efficiently. On top of that, they declare that “maintaining the security, integrity, and confidentiality of your data is our top priority,” aiming to maintain an uptime of over 99.9% and keeping your data safe with automatic updates every few seconds. To learn more, check out their Security at Teamwork page.

Do you use project management software? If not, or if you do and it’s not working, you may want to consider Teamwork for your next project, along with JIRA and the other favorite project management tools noted in the Intuit Developer Twitter poll, including Wrike and ServiceNow.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the free online learning resources that can help increase your developer knowledge as you increase project efficiency.