Intuit acquires OneSaas to accelerate the integration of third-party ecommerce solutions with the QuickBooks platform

Keeping our Developer community up to date on Intuit® news affecting the way we deliver services and work with customers is important. To help small businesses prosper in an omni-channel commerce world, Intuit has acquired the technology company OneSaas to accelerate the integration of third-party ecommerce solutions with the QuickBooks platform. This technology will deepen data integrations in QuickBooks Commerce, a new product that allows small businesses to better manage their in-person, online, and overall omnichannel sales.

As small businesses continue to adapt to the economic impact of COVID-19, selling products across as many online channels as possible remains a critical path to growth. But making sense of all that omnichannel commerce data can be a challenge due to its disparate nature. OneSaas is an infrastructure platform that integrates data streams from marketplaces, point-of-sale, fulfillment, and other categories of ecommerce platforms, normalizing the data for consumption by QuickBook Commerce, so our customers can see a more complete view of and best manage their omnichannel  business.

“Now more than ever, it’s critical for small businesses to have an omni-channel sales strategy,” said Alex Chriss, executive vice president and general manager of QuickBooks. “The OneSaas team has built an outstanding data integration platform that makes it easier for our small business owners to manage and grow their business through new channels, and the confidence to make decisions through actionable insights that drive profitability.”

Based in Sydney, Australia, OneSaas was founded in 2010 by Corneliu Tusnea, who is also the current chief technology officer. Its team has a decade of ecommerce data integration experience providing omnichannel sales data automation for accounting, fulfillment, inventory management, marketing applications, and their customers. OneSaas has been a partner of Intuit and part of the QuickBooks App Store since 2014.

”The OneSaas relationship with Intuit has evolved to become closely aligned over the past several years,” said Jeff Perlman, CEO of OneSaas. “Our mission has always been to help businesses understand and benefit from their own commerce data. Joining forces with the Intuit QuickBooks team is the right way for us to help more businesses prosper through ecommerce.”

QuickBooks Commerce is a new way for product-based businesses to develop omni-channel commerce capabilities and run their business, all on one powerful platform. Customers can launch and manage products across multiple online and offline sales channels, and manage inventory, orders and fulfillment from multiple channels and across multiple inventory locations. Adding OneSaas’s powerful data integration tools will help our customers gain even more meaningful insights about their business.