Important changes to processing refunds in QuickBooks Online

Until recently, small businesses weren’t able to process refunds for a specific payment taken in QuickBooks® Online (QBO) after the transaction is funded. Good news! Small businesses will now be able to seamlessly process refunds for credit card transactions at all times.

However, this process will impact certain attributes of the refund and transaction objects, such as the invoice and sales receipt) within QBO:

  • After a refund is processed the “balance” on the invoice will remain the same. Previously, the balance on the transaction object would increase by the amount of the refund.The “total amount” on the sales receipt or receive payment will remain the same. Note that total amount changes to 0 if the transaction is voided.
  • The sales receipt will have a corresponding refund receipt as a “linked transaction,” which is an additional non-mandatory field.

Will this enhancement break existing integrations? These changes won’t impact your current integration with QBO customers who  process refunds.

Do app developers need to make any updates to their app? There are no required changes to keep your integration working. You have the option to modify your current integrations to take advantage of the “balance” and/or “linked transaction” field to address relevant use cases for your app, such as showing the linked refund in the UI for a sales receipt.

When will these enhancements be launched? These enhancements went live Nov. 4, 2021.

I have more questions on these enhancements. If you have problems integrating these changes into your app, please open a support ticket.