Withdrawing support for Docontrol protocol for Web Connector 2.0 Interactive mode from version

This article is for app developers who connect to QuickBooks® Desktop using Web Connector 2.0 – Interactive mode. The support for Interactive mode Docontrol protocol is being withdrawn from version This change is based on Microsoft’s decision to withdraw support for Internet Explorer (IE) 11. Find out more about IE end of support

Since Docontrol protocol is based on IE, we have decided to withdraw the same from the latest version of Web Connector 2.0. Any request through the qbwc:// end point will not be redirected to Web Connector 2.0, due to which data pull and push operations wouldn’t be possible.

What can I do?

  • Move away from Docontrol protocol: Redesign your app architecture with existing endpoints.
  • Continue using older versions of Web Connector 2.0: All versions of Web Connector, including and lower, will continue to support Docontrol protocol. However, Microsoft will not support IE 11 from June 15, 2022; as a result some problems might be experienced in these lower versions.

Note: Some of the URLs used in your app that are compatible with only IE (for example, ActiveX objects) might experience some problems if the user’s default browser is not IE. To address this, make your URLs cross-browser compatible or remove the IE dependencies.