Accelerate your app discovery: Go global to amplify your reach!

Many thanks for being such an awesome partner with us! 

One of the biggest pain points developers have on the QuickBooks® platform is around the customer discovery of their published app. To enhance the process of app discovery, we are proud to announce that we are providing the ability for developers to publish their apps in more than 200 new countries, including emerging markets and the countries currently available for publishing (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and India). If you are in the process of building and publishing an app on our platform, or have already done so, you can now take advantage of this feature to amplify your reach to small businesses around the world.

The feature provides you with the ability to selectively list your app card in five additional countries from the list above. For example, you can create specific app cards for Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Columbia, and Brazil. Note that the app cards listed with these additional countries will be discoverable in the QuickBooks Online “Apps” tab only. You also have the option for a generic listing called “Default app card for all other additional countries,” where the same app card would be discovered by QuickBooks Online customers across all regions.

Steps for using the feature:

  1. Sign in to the Intuit® developer portal with your credentials.
  2. Select Dashboard to navigate to the My Apps Dashboard page.
  3. Select an app that is ready to be published (or that is currently published) to be listed in a newly available region.
  4. Once you’ve selected an app, navigate to the Production Settings page on the left navigation bar and verify that you have selected “All other accepted countries” under “Countries you accept connections from.”
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the Production Settings page and you will see a new section called “Additional country-specific app cards.”
  6. Select the new country for publication (in addition to the countries where the app is already published).
  7. After selecting your country of choice, initiate the publishing process by clicking “Start.”
  8. As you complete the app card, be sure to save your changes. To speed up the process, you can copy your app card from another published country, then change specific details as needed. Don’t forget to select “Save” at the bottom!
  9. When you complete the app card and select “List on our marketplace,” you will see the “Submit”’ option. Don’t forget to select “Submit” after saving all of your app card changes.
  10. Repeat the steps above to add each new country for a total of five new countries from the list.
  11. As mentioned, you also have the option to select a generic listing called “Default app card for all additional countries” where the same app card that you submit would be discovered by QuickBooks Online customers in the Apps tab across all regions.
  12. Submit your app card for review. We will email you to confirm approval and prompt you with the final step to publish your app. If needed, we will contact you for further action such as, for example, any changes required for approval. 

We hope you are excited about amplifying the reach of your application for small businesses across the globe with this feature! Please reach out to us through our support link if you have any questions.