Promoting special offers to QuickBooks Online customers

Announcing Partner Deals!

The Intuit® Developer team is excited to announce a new opportunity for our QuickBooks® Online app developers. It’s called Partner Deals and is the perfect platform for promoting special offers and discounts for your product or service directly to QuickBooks Online customers.

Get in front of new customers

In today’s product-saturated market, actively promoting your business, and your product or service to potential customers is critical. But because customers have so many options, your business can get lost in the crowd. You need to stand out, and one way to do that is by offering specific discounts, services, and tools that appeal to your target audience.

With Partner Deals, you can advertise directly to the QuickBooks Online community, piquing new—and current—customers’ interest, while encouraging further investigation into what your business can do. Once they discover your business, you can encourage further connection via your app on apps.com.

QuickBooks Online visitors will be able to browse multiple deals in one place, and you’ll have an easy-to-use platform to reach new customers.

Sign up to participate in the beta program

This new program is currently in beta, so we’re inviting partners who want to test and learn with us to take advantage of this opportunity by filling out the QuickBooks Partner Deals Interest Form right away. A “Request form” button is located at the bottom of the Partner Deals page, or you can apply below. Once you complete the form, we will evaluate it and contact you to let you know if your form is approved. If approved, we will walk you through the steps to launch your special offering on the Partner Deals platform.

At Intuit, we’re obsessed with your success. We’re confident Partner Deals will help you get your app in front of new and current users who need the exact services you provide.

Questions about the Partner Deals opportunity? Apply now.