See the newest apps in the QuickBooks App Store

There are 35 new reasons to love the QuickBooks App Store! Each new app added to our global marketplace extends the capability of QuickBooks for small and mid-market businesses. Some of our recent additions offer expense recovery, visual computing tools, carbon footprint monitoring, and AI-assisted financial management.

Check out the newest QuickBooks Online apps to hit the shelves below:

  1. Anchor – Fully automate proposals, agreements, invoicing, and payments.
  2. Asset Manager – Track fleet and facility maintenance and expenses.
  3. BatchMaster Process Manufacturing ERP with Quality, Compliance & Planning – Implement cloud and on-premise ERP solutions for manufacturers.
  4. Bulk Delete/Export/Import data | Export to CSV | Excel – TranSyncPro – Bulk delete, import, or export accounting data in seconds.
  5. Categorize.Me – Categorize transactions, assign classes, and upload receipts within the same platform.
  6. Coherent Accounting – Use OCR to extract data from invoices, receipts, and bank statements.
  7. Connex Ecommerce Analytics – Automatically maximize sales from bestsellers without the risk of overstock.
  8. Core Commissions – Automate complex commissions with a rules engine based on AI.
  9. Donor Statements – Create and deliver donor statements for simple or complex workflows.
  10. eZ Positive Pay – Generate files from QuickBooks Online for upload to one or more banks.
  11. Forwardly – Simplify cash flow with instant, round-the-clock B2B payments.
  12. Greenly – Measure your carbon footprint accurately and easily account for your emissions scopes.
  13. HubSpot – See everything about your leads and customers in one place with an integrated CRM platform.
  14. Jibble – Track projects, timesheets, payroll, leave management, and attendance.
  15. KeeperTools – Import Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, or CSV files to QuickBooks Online.
  16. Klavena for Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, Macys, Kohls, and more – Import all transaction types and automatically reconcile imported transactions with sales channel settlements.
  17. LawPay Connect – Automatically upload transactions from your LawPay account to a LawPay branded clearing account in QuickBooks Online.
  18. Lease manager – Manage leases and reporting with a dashboard showing liability, payments forecast, and lease expiry.
  19. Maestro – Streamline payments to contractors, freelancers, and vendors with an AI-based platform.
  20. MATTEROOM – Simplify financial workflows with automated billing and streamlined payment handling.
  21. MISys Manufacturing – Track manufacturing inventory and work in process, and forecast inventory based on history, lead times, and vendor performance.
  22. NetLease – Simplify lease accounting with automated schedules, journal entries, and modifications.
  23. Ninetyfour – Improve the quality of your data, optimize legal compliance, and apply recommended fixes to be prepared for an audit.
  24. Octopus AI – Monitor your startup’s financial performance and forecast future scenarios using conversational AI.
  25. Pro Ai – Access financial insights and guidance with the help of an AI assistant.
  26. Qoblex – Inventory Management – Automate and simplify multichannel inventory and order management.
  27. Recoup – Get bank fees, subscriptions, and wasteful expenses refunded with AI-powered expense recovery software.
  28. Shifton – Get personalized schedules, pre-made shift templates, and built-in compliance with labor laws using employee scheduling software.
  29. SierraBooks – Manage customers, invoices, credit memos, estimates, sales receipts, employees, inventory, and more from a mobile app.
  30. SteepleMate Church Management System – Customize your church management system with websites, mobile apps, attendance tracking, giving kiosks, QR codes, & more.
  31. Synced – Combine the latest invoice processing technology with payables workflows using AI-powered expense management software.
  32. TEN4 – Schedule jobs, manage work, and process billing from anywhere with field service and dispatch software.
  33. trakr Counting – Turn your iPhone into an inventory counting tool with an innovative mobile app.
  34. Viably – Connect your banking, funding, and cash flow forecasting into one tool designed for e-commerce.
  35. Zupan Inventory Counting – Perform barcode scans of inventory faster with visual computing and augmented reality.

To learn more about listing your app on the QuickBooks App Store, go to List your app on our marketplaces, or check out our overview of the publishing process in this article on the Intuit Developer blog.