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March 24, 2009 | Alex Chriss

Updates to Intuit Marketplace!

Driving lots of small business users to Intuit Marketplace is important to us
and to our developer community.  Making it easy for them to discover and
purchase applications that solve their needs is critical, and one of the things
that makes the Intuit Partner Platform offering special. 

After conducting focus groups with a number of small business users and with
the emphasis on improving the user experience and increasing adoption, we’ve
just launched an updated Intuit Marketplace:

  • new search and app discoverability from the homepage
  • new micro-sites to provide users with a deep-dive into the features and
    benefits of an application
  • enhancements include product videos, screenshots, detailed information, more
    explicit pricing, and prominent buy/try calls to action

With these
changes in place, we hope to increase customer awareness and make it as easy as
possible for users to make informed decisions. 

This is just step one of our re-design of Marketplace.  By engaging with
small business users and our developers, we think we are well on our way to
creating a great destination for Small Businesses.  


Check out the the updates to Intuit
 and let us know what you think!


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