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February 24, 2011 | Annie Terry

Announcing IPP V2.15

IPP v2.15 is now live and available for IPP partners. This release is another in a series focused on extending developer tools and data services, as well as improving the shopping, buying, and user experience for end customers.


We’re pleased to announce the launch of a completely redesigned IPP customer experience. We’ve unified both the shop and workplace under the Intuit App Center brand. You can now access both parts of the site from the single domain name http://appcenter.intuit.com.
Enhancements include changes to the shop experience including a redesigned homepage, site navigation, persistent viewing modes, redesigned App Cards, SEO friendly URLs, and direct app card navigation. We’ve also updated the My Apps section including unified branding, redesigned application launcher, removal of duplicate “shop” experiences, simplified navigation, consistent IPP toolbar dropdown, and native HTML.

For developers, we’ve updated the developer interface creating a new “My Developer Center” where developers can create new apps, and publish and manage existing apps. And finally, as part of this release, Intuit has integrated the end-user experience for QuickBooks Online into the new IPP site designs. Read about all of the new Intuit App Center Enhancements on the IPP team blog!


  • New API: API_AddRealmAccessForUser
    This API allows a ProAdvisor (for example) to access multiple customer realms (with the right permissions) inside one instance of their application. The new API is invoked when a logged in QuickBooks customer grants the application owner access to their realm. The application owner (accountants, ProAdvisors) can then perform accounting-level functions on that customer realm as well as others they have access to.
    The API parameters are:
    • App token – Application token of accountant’s application
    • Realm ID – The SBO user owns a realm ID. Verify that the SBO has admin access on the realm and is able to grant the accountant access on the realm.
    • Role ID – Role ID of the accountant in his application that acts as a container for the desired permissions in the realm owned by the SBO. It expresses the permissions the SBO will need to assign to the accountant.
    • User ID – Accountant’s user ID
  • New API: API_SBLAllowMasterAccess
    This API controls whether or not an application accepts calls to its master application instance. This is intended only for applications that utilize SBL, as that is the only scenario under which calling into the master instance is technically possible.

Please review the release notes for more information on platform enhancements.


  • Expanded data services and documentation for QuickBooks Online data (beta)
    In this release, we’re making new beta-quality APIs available for the following data objects.


    • Company info: Read
    • Preferences Discount: Read
    • Preferences Sales tax: Read
    • PDF for Sales Receipt, Estimate, Invoice
  • Expanded data services for QuickBooks Desktop data
    • QuickBooks Custom Fields expanded to include Add and Mod
      We’ve made QuickBooks Custom Fields read available for customers using QuickBooks 2011. We’ve made Add and Mod available for Pro and Premier (not supported for Enterprise edition) for transaction headers and lines for three transactions types: Invoice, Estimate, and Sales Receipt.
    • Change to Sync Status API
      We have adjusted length history of information in sync status API response, so access to data will be returned for the past 30 days.

Please review the release notes for more information on Intuit Data Services enhancements.

For a complete list of software updates / fixes included in IPP v2.15, please review the Intuit Partner Platform release notes.

—The Intuit Partner Platform Team


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