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October 19, 2012 | Alex Chriss

The QuickBooks SDK

There has been some confusion recently around the future of the QuickBooks SDK.  We currently have no plans to retire the SDK.  We have thousands of SDK developers who rely on that technology to deliver applications and services to our collective customers – So again, it's not going away.

However, this is a good chance to reiterate our strategy.  Our customers are rapidly moving to SaaS and mobile apps to solve a variety of their business needs.  As we think about providing the best experience and the strongest ecosystem for small businesses to find apps that work with their QuickBooks data, we believe the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) will provide a superior experience for customers and a distinct advantage for Intuit's developer community in the future.

IPP is not perfect today.  The data available is improving, but it's not complete nor simple yet.  We have some apps doing very well on Intuit App Center, but the traffic and first use experience are not yet best in class to deliver great results for developers.  That is why it remains a big priority within our organization, one that we will continue to invest in heavily.  Our platform future is in IPP and our investments will reflect that.

It is my hope to provide a platform that developers are passionate about leveraging.  This is a platform that is easy to adopt, provides beneficial services to improve a developer's offering, and exposes great offerings to lots of relevant customers.  I believe we have the right strategy and are on the right journey to achieve this vision.  But we also know, until our ecosystem chooses to adopt it, we need to continue support to all the great ways to integrate with QuickBooks.

If you look at the improvements in QuickBooks 2013 (improved data sync, one-click attach and launch of 3rd party apps, recommendation engine and more prominent exposure of My Apps, etc.) we are well on our way – but there is much more work to do.  I appreciate your passion for our customers and your patience as we deliver what I believe will be the best SMB platform in the world.

Alex Chriss

Director, Intuit Partner Platform


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