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August 26, 2013 | admin

Intuit Developer Network (IDN) is now Intuit Partner Platform (IPP)

To create a more unified experience for you, we have retired the Intuit Developer Network (IDN) and integrated all developer services into the new Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) portal.

You need to complete the migration process so your IDN account and applications move to IPP.

Click here to start the migration process

What does this mean for you?
IDN Accounts
You must migrate your account. During the migration process, you will be asked to create a new Intuit account or pick an existing one. Once you create or choose an account, we will migrate your data to the IPP account.

Apps Registered with an IDN Account (appreg.intuit.com)
When you complete the migration process, your apps registered with an IDN account will be moved to your IPP account. You will then be able to access your apps from the “Manage Apps” section of developer.intuit.com

Not for Resale (NFR) QuickBooks Licenses
If there are NFR licenses associated with your IDN company account, these licenses will be made accessible to all developer accounts associated with that company.

SDK Downloads
SDK Downloads are still available under the new structure

Quick FAQs
How long will it take to migrate?
Most developers migrate in less than 5 min. 

I’m not an IPP developer – why are you doing this?
We’ve made great improvements to the overall developer experience as we continue to invest in the Intuit Partner Platform. Part of this included modifying our branding from the Intuit Developer Network to the Intuit Partner Platform. All of the benefits and assets you enjoyed as an IDN developer can still be found on the new site including NFR, SDKs, your existing apps and support.


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