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September 27, 2013 | admin

Getting Started with QuickBooks API

One feedback we have got is that getting started with QuickBooks development can at times be daunting. Ever since the release of the new developer.intuit.com in May, we have been successively improving the information available to developers by consolidating the information in one place, introducing an efficient search and improving the app management area.

In this continuation of our efforts to simplify your development experience, we have prepared a guide to better explain the QuickBooks development landscape and the first steps you need to take. The “Getting Started with QuickBooks API” guide will help you understand at a high level –

  1. Integration options with QuickBooks
  2. Getting setup with the QuickBooks REST APIs
  3. Next steps

Check it out and as you always do, give us feedback to improve it. This is a live document and we will keep it updated with your feedback and new information.

Guide: Getting Started with QuickBooks API


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