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November 12, 2013 | admin

The Next Phase of the IPP Journey

I’m super excited to share with you recent announcements we’ve made to make the Intuit Partner Platform and QuickBooks a truly open platform. It’s been a long journey, not without a few bumps along the way, but we are now in a position to deliver on the open platform that our small business customers want and that you, our developer community, have asked for.

A successful developer community is an important part of Intuit’s open platform strategy and we are more committed than ever to enable your success by making it easier to connect with our platform and reach millions of small business customers.

Last week at the Sleeter Conference, we announced the general availability of QuickBooks API V3 and a new business model.

  • QuickBooks API V3 is the global API platform that will allow you to integrate with QuickBooks Online in the US and in global markets. Just like QBO is going global, we’re enabling you, our partners, to go global with us by making our platform global.
  • We are eliminating the $5/month connection fee for QBO integration through the QuickBooks API. This means that Intuit will not charge you to build apps that work with QBO. 
  • We also announced the general release of Intuit Apps.com, our next generation apps store where small businesses can find community-generated content about apps and can find the right apps for their business. 

As part of these changes, we ask that new partners with apps for QuickBooks Desktop use the QuickBooks SDK to integrate. We will support the QuickBooks SDK with updates, and of course, there has never been a connection fee for integrating through the QuickBooks SDK.

Partners with existing apps for QuickBooks Desktop already using the QuickBooks API and some select future partners can continue with the Desktop API and will benefit from new pricing. ((We are reducing the $5/month connection fee for QBDT integrations through the QuickBooks API.  We will offer API access in packets of 200 connections for ~$1,000 annually.)

This is an exciting time for the Intuit Partner Platform and our developer community, so it is bittersweet for me to announce that I will be moving on to lead a new business unit for Intuit. It’s been a tremendous honor for me to work with you to get IPP to this stage and I’m leaving you in good hands for the next phase of the journey. Avi Golan will join as the new leader of the IPP business unit on November 13th. Avi spent the last 5+ years with Google, where he led organizations that helped large partners and external developers using AdWords API by building internal and external programs and open sourcing capabilities.

This is an exciting time to be a part of Intuit’s open platform. I look forward to seeing more of you build deeper integrations with QuickBooks, gain more exposure to small businesses through Apps.com, and produce the best apps in the small business industry around the world.

Alex Chriss

Vice President, Intuit Partner Platform.


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