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October 24, 2014 | Nimisha Shrivastava

Intuit Developer Now Offers QuickBooks Sandboxes

On Wednesday, October 22nd, we launched a brand new developer experience at QuickBooks Connect. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing details about all the great new features we launched, but today’s topic is sandboxes and app tokens.  We previewed some details Sunday night, but we now want to share some more details about the new QuickBooks sandbox.

QuickBooks Sandbox

Previously, we provided you with 1 year developer subscriptions for QuickBooks Online for US, UK, AU and CA with no sample data included.  With the new developer experience, you now have a ready-to-use US-based sandbox company for your development and testing purposes which includes sample data. 

We will continue to provide 1 year developer subscriptions for QuickBooks Online for UK, CA and AU and plan to enable sandboxes for these countries in future.

App Tokens

With the introduction of sandboxes, there have been some changes to app tokens.  Previously, your development app tokens could connect to any kind of QuickBooks Online account – trial subscriptions, paid subscriptions, or 1 year developer subscriptions.  You can now only connect your development app tokens to your single US sandbox.  There is no limit on the number of connections to your sandbox from your development app token.

To create a sandbox, please go to https://developer.intuit.com/ and sign in. At the bottom of the page, there is a link for QuickBooks sandbox. Just click on it and you will be set. You can manage your sandbox here.

To test your application against any kind of existing QuickBooks Online account, including your existing trial or 1 year developer subscription, you must switch your application to use production app tokens.  If you do not do this, you will get the following error:

Error code : invalid_database. Error message : Development application can only subscribe to sandbox company. No sandbox company found Error Id :

To summarize, development app tokens will work only for sandbox companies and production app tokens will work for all other cases. You do not need to publish your application to use your production app tokens.

URI Endpoints for QuickBooks Online API

Previously, the base url for QuickBooks Online was already configured in the SDK: https://quickbooks.api.intuit.com/. However, to access a sandbox company from your application, you need to change base url for QuickBooks Online calls to- “https://sandbox-quickbooks.api.intuit.com/”; 

If you do not make the change for base url for sandbox, you will get the following error-

Error code 7001: “message=No destination found for given partition key; errorCode=007001; statusCode=400”

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