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Enhancements to Connections Report - Intuit Developer Community Blog

April 8, 2016 | Lisa Rathjens

Enhancements to Connections Report

The connections report is a great way for you to determine how your app’s integration is performing with QuickBooks Online. Today we are pleased to announce that, based on your feedback, we have enhanced the reports.

What’s new

We have added the capability to search connections by customer email or realmID (the company ID). This search functionality has been added to the Reports page. To get to the Reports page after you have logged in, click your name from the top right menu.

Once you are on the Reports page, you will see a link to Search by Realm ID or Customer Email.



Clicking on the link will bring up the search dialog, where you can enter the realm ID or customer email.



The data for the search results is returned back as a detailed reports.

You can learn more about connections reports under Report resources here.

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