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July 19, 2016 | Lisa Rathjens

Webhooks for QuickBooks Online API

Today we are happy to announce the general availability of Webhooks for the QuickBooks Online API. Webhooks has been one of the top requested features by our developers.  We hope you are pleased with this release. We are eager to hear your feedback.

Webhooks explained

Use Webhooks as a push model for data change events to replace periodic polling. For example, if you want to be notified when a customer’s information changes, configure an endpoint that QuickBooks Online can call for this event with the details of the change. When Webhooks are active, data for the requested event is aggregated and then sent in a periodic notification to your API.

Once you have configured Webhooks, you will receive event notifications for all companies to which your app is connected.

Configuring Webhooks

You can configure Webhooks on a per-app basis via the settings tab for a given app.


Once you have configured a Webhook, you will start receiving notifications for companies subscribed to your app. Currently, the changes are aggregated over five-minute periods.

To simplify development and testing, the sandbox environment also supports Webhooks.

Want to learn more?

You can find the complete developer guide for Webhooks here.

Check the release notes for a summary of all the features in Intuit Developer release V6.13.

To learn more, join our Friday Morning Hangout on July 22 to talk about Webhooks and what it means for you and your apps.  This hangout will be recorded and available for viewing on the Intuit Developer YouTube channel after the event.

What’s next?

Intuit Developer is committed to providing you the support and features that help you find success for your apps. With Webhooks, we hope to see improved user experience of your app with near real-time data, as well as enable newer use cases and push the limits of your current integrations.

We are working hard to add support for enabling company-based Webhooks subscription via APIs.

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