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How to use partner APIs at #SmallBizHack - Intuit Developer Community Blog

October 20, 2016 | Lisa Rathjens

How to use partner APIs at #SmallBizHack

If you missed any of our recent Hangouts, check out these recordings to hear how you might use Postman or APIs from Jibo, Square, and Google’s Api.ai in your hack challenge at the Small Business Tech Hackathon this weekend, 10/22-23, in San Jose!


Tristan Sokol, dev evangelist for Square, talks about the Square APIs and explains how devs at #SmallBizHack can use them in their projects.

Google’s Api.ai and Postman

Hear from Kasey Byrne from Postman and Pavel Sirotin from Google’s Api.ai as they talk about how developers can use their products and APIs at the #SmallBizHack.



Hear from Justin Woo (@JZWoo) developer evangelist at Jibo, how you can use the Jibo robots in your hacks at #SmallBizHack this weekend.



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