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November 16, 2016 | William Lorfing

New Developer Support Portal

Hi Developers!

You might have noticed that we have been making changes here and there to the Intuit Developer site, hopefully for the better. The latest improvement we have made is to the Help section of the developer site – https://developer.intuit.com/help.

In the new Help section, we’ve combined the Support Tickets and the Developer Forums to make it easier for you to find answers and get help. We tried to bring a lot of requests together in one spot so you wouldn’t have to jump around to find something.

Here are some of the highlights of what the refreshed site has to offer:

Once you are logged in, you can:

  • “Ask A Question” in one of the Topic areas
  • Submit a Support Ticket
  • Join a Group and ask questions in it
  • Link quickly to the Services Dashboard to see if there are any systems problems reported
  • Request a feature
  • Find shortcuts to the sample code repository and sandboxes

In the Topics area, you have a lot of options as well. You can:

  • Look at Discussions (these are questions other developers have asked) and “Ask A Question” if you need to
  • Look at Articles (these are the common questions we get — the answer might already be there)
  • Follow a topic (you have to “follow” each topic and then select when you want to receive email about that topic)
  • Like a question, or if a question needs to be flagged, you have that option as well
  • Using the Sort By option, change the questions you see and/or the order that they are displayed in

Jumping over to the Support Tickets, you have a lot of options there as well.

  • Listing of all your support tickets, along with the option to sort by any of the columns.
  • Create a new support ticket.
  • When you select a support ticket, you see all the emails and comments made on the support ticket. You can still reply to the emails or add a comment to the ticket and the support ticket will get updated.
  • The biggest and most asked-for change is the ability to Close a support ticket by clicking a button. (YEAH!!!!)
  • You can re-open a support ticket from the website or just reply to the support ticket and it will re-open automatically.

As you can see, there are a lot of improvements happening to the developer support portal. We hope you like them. Let us know what you think in comments below!


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