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New Python Sample App for QuickBooks Online API - Intuit Developer Community Blog

April 3, 2017 | admin

New Python Sample App for QuickBooks Online API

Are you a Python developer? We have had many requests for more help for devs using Python. We are happy to announce that, in response, we’ve created a new sample app that gives you a working example of how to use the QuickBooks Online API in Python.

The features of this sample app include:

  1. Importing data from an external Excel file
  2. Creating a customer in your Sandbox company using the QuickBooks API
  3. Implementing the Connect to QuickBooks button using OAuth 1.0

This sample app uses the Flask web framework with Python2.7.

You can find the app in our GitHub repository.

What do you think?  Based on your feedback, we’ll improve and extend the features.


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