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OAuth 2.0 Migration Beta Program Coming Soon - Intuit Developer Community Blog

November 2, 2017 | Lisa Rathjens

OAuth 2.0 Migration Beta Program Coming Soon

What’s happening?

Recently, we introduced OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect for developers building new QuickBooks integrations. Soon, we will be ready to enable existing developers to migrate from OAuth 1.0a/OpenID 2.0 to OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect.

With OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect, you get

  • simplicity of integration,
  • better security for your customers, and
  • seamless connection flows.

How can I participate?

We are now recruiting developers to be among the first wave of devs to migrate their apps to OAuth 2.0. To participate, you must have already built and published a QuickBooks integration with OAuth 1.0. As an incentive for being part of this beta program, we will provide you with dedicated support during the migration phase.

To apply to participate, please complete this form
We will review all applicants and will be in touch with you.

Once the beta program is completed, we will open up migration for all existing developers.

Looking forward to migrating with you!

Vishal Aggarwal
Product Manager, Intuit Developer Experience


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