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April 26, 2017 | Annie Terry

Meet Us Down Under At QuickBooks Connect Sydney

We're excited to announce that Intuit Developer and Intuit QuickBooks are taking QuickBooks Connect to Australia -- the land of koalas, kangaroos, beautiful Bondi Beach and BBQ. Oh - and YOU, our app developers from down under! That's right, we can't wait to see YOU!.. Read more

March 27, 2017 | admin

10 Reasons Why You Should Enter the #SmallBiz #AppShowdown!

In case you are very busy with other things and could use an extra push to get your QuickBooks integration past the finish line, we’ve put on our thinking caps to give you a list of 10 things you could do with $100,000 if you win the 2017 Small Business App Showdown... Read more

March 13, 2017 | Diana De Rose

Java SDK for QuickBooks Online is in maven central

We are pleased to announce that our QuickBooks Online Java SDK is now in maven central. You no longer need to manually download the SDK jars and install it in your environment. This has been requested by several of our Java developers and we are happy to make the jars available publicly in maven now... Read more

March 6, 2017 | Lisa Rathjens

Small Business Hackathon London Wrap-Up

What an amazing weekend! 120+ developers, designers, and entrepreneurs descended on CodeNode in London for the QuickBooks #SmallBizHack to work with five API partners to come up with ways to save time or money for small businesses... Read more