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March 28, 2018 | Diana De Rose

Automated Sales Tax in the QuickBooks Online API – Update

In an upcoming version of the Quickbooks Online API, the US sales tax business logic is changed for sales transaction lines that do not contain a TaxCodeRef. With this change, when a sales transaction line does not explicitly specify a TaxCodeRef, we will be treating that line as if the TaxCodeRef is TAX and we will determine the taxability of that line based on the item’s taxability. This is different from the current behavior in which an empty TaxCodeRef is considered to be equivalent to a NON TaxCodeRef... Read more

March 15, 2018 | admin

From #SmallBizHack to Apps.com — Our amazing year!

NOTE: This is a guest blog post from Pawel Piejko one of the developers of the Apps.com app arbitrue. In February 2017, we went to London looking to take a take a stab at imagining the future of accounting. We had a solid team and an exciting idea….. Read more