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Give us your thoughts on our transactions APIs! - Intuit Developer Community Blog

May 21, 2018 | admin

Give us your thoughts on our transactions APIs!

Hey developers, we’d like you to do us a favor: let us know how you use our transactions data!

As we design our next generation of APIs, we are considering the use-cases for a list of data vs. the details of the items within that list.

All of our transactions APIs return header and line level details. We’ve provided an example of an Invoice below, with the linked transaction and line level details highlighted in red. What data are you most interested in when you make a call to retrieve a transaction – Is it just the header, or the header along with the line details?

Would it be sufficient if we sent you only the header information in our response and IF the user takes action on that record within your app, you can then request line level details through a separate API call? If this design won’t work, please help us understand your use case for when you will require header and line level details in a single response.

We want your feedback so we can design and optimize our next gen APIs to meet your requirements. Please help us better understand your needs by submitting them here!


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