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June 12, 2015 | Lisa Rathjens

Announcing Intuit AppConnect Beta

Last August, we announced that the itDuzzit cloud integration platform was acquired by Intuit. In the months since the acquisition, the itDuzzit team has been hard at work integrating itDuzzit technology into Intuit’s stack. Internally, Intuit teams have been using itDuzzit for strategic integrations, innovation experiments, and many….. Read more

May 6, 2015 | Lisa Rathjens

Intuit Goes Local

Updated: June 2, 2015 Did you notice that earlier this week Intuit announced some QuickBooks Connect Local events? These 1-day events are geared toward helping small businesses be more successful. We know that many small business owners can’t take lots….. Read more

April 17, 2015 | Lisa Rathjens

Upcoming Webinar: Going Global with Your App

Whether you have already published your QuickBooks app integration, or you are in the process of building one, or even if you are just thinking about it, please join our webinar on Tuesday, April 21, to learn more about the new global features we launched last month for….. Read more

February 3, 2015 | Lisa Rathjens

Developer Week SF Hackathon: Get Inspired!

This coming weekend, @IntuitDev will join other sponsors at the Developer Week Hackathon. The conference organizers expect as many as 1000 developers to come to this hack, and there are so many challenges vying for their coding brilliance, I imagine it will be somewhat daunting to choose….. Read more

January 22, 2015 | Lisa Rathjens

Webinar Recording: Sandbox, Harmony, and You

Thanks to everyone who joined us last week for our January webinar on the Harmony Toolkit and the new QuickBooks Online Developer Sandbox testing environment. In case you missed it, Dorelle Rabinowitz (Experience Design Leader at Intuit) walked devs through an overview….. Read more

January 8, 2015 | Lisa Rathjens

New Year, New Look: Introducing Intuit's Harmony Toolkit

I’m pleased to introduce the Harmony Toolkit ( which is where we house our Harmony Design System resources -- what we use to design the QuickBooks Online product ecosystem. The Toolkit is a living document that is continually updated as we iterate on our products... Read more