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  • Intuit Developer Growth Program Spotlight: Helm

    Helm, a cash flow forecasting app, is participating in the new Intuit Developer Growth Program and highly recommends it to other app companies. See why.

  • Intuit Developer Growth Program Spotlight: Asset Accountant

    Asset Accountant is one of five app companies participating in the Intuit Developer Growth Program, and it gives the pilot program a thumbs up so far. Read on to hear about their experience. In October 2022, the Developers & Partners group at Intuit® launched an exciting pilot of the Developer Growth Program for application developers. […]

  • See the newest apps in the QuickBooks App Store

    We have 24 new reasons to love the QuickBooks® Online App Store! Each new app added to the app store extends the capability of QuickBooks for small and mid-market businesses to help meet specific needs including sales and inventory management, financial planning, time tracking, and automated bookkeeping. Check out some of the newest QuickBooks Online […]

  • New App Categories

    What is happening?  As it often does at Intuit, it started with customer feedback. Our QuickBooks customers and our accountants were finding the app category list overwhelming and duplicative. They told us they felt like it would take too long and be too much work to find the right app for them. So we went […]

  • Intuit Developer Spotlight: Quotient: Estimating, Quotes and Proposals Online

    I recently had the pleasure of speaking with one of the co-founders of Quotient, Nathan Carter. He’s the next developer in our Intuit Developer Spotlight series, and his innovative app allows businesses to create, send, and manage quotes online. If the app sounds familiar, you may have seen Quotient highlighted recently in this Firm of the […]

  • Behind the all-new QuickBooks App Store

    Have you noticed that improvements to the QuickBooks app store? Check out the latest improvements and let us know what you think!

  • Case Study: How An App Developer Motivated QuickBooks Customers to Write Reviews

    Over the last few months, we’ve shared some best practices around asking your customers for reviews. Today, I’d like to share a great example of an app partner doing just that and getting tremendous results.

  • Expand your small business app's reach by publishing on the QuickBooks Online App Store

    From time to time, we encounter an app developer who has integrated their small business-facing application with QuickBooks, but has not taken the next step forward of publishing it on the QuickBooks App Store. Often, this is because their QuickBooks integration was initially built more as a way to retain current customers rather than as a way to attract new customers. While we always encourage developers to listen to the voice of the customer so that you can retain these customers longer, we also want you to have the ability to tap into new markets.

  • I’m not an accountant, but I play one on TV

    Not sure where your app stands? Did you know that you can sign up for a free copy of QuickBooks Online Accountant and find out for yourself?

  • New Apps Program Launched for QuickBooks Online Accountant

    New Apps Program Launched for QuickBooks Online Accountant

    Connecting customers and accountants to third-party apps that integrate with QuickBooks Online is a key priority for our platform – and we’re very excited to share news about how we are enabling more of those connections. Today, we are excited to go to the next logical step, by announcing the new QuickBooks Accountant Apps Program.