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  • How to find valuable accessibility feedback in Slack

    Accessibility matters to you as a developer and to your customers. When your customers encounter accessibility issues, you need to know what those issues are. As a project manager for the Intuit Accessibility Team (I also work for Customer Connect where I am responsible for data hygiene), I can help you find valuable accessibility feedback […]

  • 5 tips for making your app accessible

    Accessible product development is the responsibility of all designers and developers. Building an inclusive experience: Why accessibility matters, introduced the greater customer base, gaining empathy, starting the testing process, and how to learn more about accessibility. In this post, we’ll look at 5 tips developers can use to build accessible apps: Form labels Use a […]

  • Building an inclusive experience: Why accessibility matters

    Our goal, as developers, is to build products that reach the largest possible audience. We create delightful experiences. We take pride in developing software that is maintainable, fast, secure, and private. To accomplish this, we must recognize the core importance of accessibility, because you can’t accomplish the other goals without it. Accessibility is based on […]