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  • Create a shared workspace for your app development

    We know app development isn’t always a solitary experience. You might be collaborating with other programmers, engineers, testers, and even marketers as you build your QuickBooks® app integration and get it ready for customers. Did you know that you can create a shared workspace for your QuickBooks app integration? With a shared workspace, you can […]

  • Connected systems speed customer productivity

    The small business software landscape has seen exponential growth in recent years, and with the backdrop of the global pandemic, the shift to the cloud has only accelerated. Based on Intuit® research, small businesses, on average, use four or more apps to run their business. At the heart of it, as Clayton Christensen and his co-authors […]

  • 3 tips to improve your app

    As an Intuit senior developer relations engineer with more than eight years of software engineering experience and working closely with QuickBooks Online app developers, I’ve learned a few lessons on building apps. The most important lesson? Your app’s users determine the success (or failure) of your app, thus improving your app experience is vital to […]

  • Introducing: Personalized App Recommendations for QuickBooks Online

    Introducing: Personalized App Recommendations for QuickBooks Online

    The App Store team spent the past months refining a personalized app recommendation engine as the best way to help our Intuit developer base grow their business. This personalized experience is produced in the Apps tab view for every subscriber of QuickBooks Online.