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  • Discontinuation of QuickBooks in India

    After careful consideration, the decision was made that Intuit can no longer continue to deliver and support QuickBooks products across India.

  • Introducing our new integration partner, Codat

    As you may have seen, we’ve made some changes recently to our app assessment process to continue to ensure a high level of quality and security for all apps on the QuickBooks® platform. We’ve also partnered with Codat to make it quicker and easier to develop secure connections to QuickBooks. What is Codat? Codat is […]

  • Support for reading threshold limits available in the API

    Earlier this year, we communicated about usage limits that were introduced to QuickBooks Online Plus companies. Over the last few months, many developers reached out to us asking how an app developer can be informed about the limits to make sure the app doesn’t cause subscription issues for their end users. We are pleased to […]

  • OAuth 1.0 migration – Step 5: Tell us your target date

    OAuth 1.0 migration – Step 5: Tell us your target date

    If you’re still using OAuth 1.0, we need to understand your migration plans so we can minimize customer disruption for our mutual customers. With the Dec. 17, 2019 OAuth Migration deadline quickly approaching, we now require all apps that are still using OAuth 1.0 to share their migration intentions by Oct. 31, 2019. Sharing your […]

  • QuickBooks Online API Throttling Updates

    QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online API usage has continued to grow at a rapid pace.  In order to continue providing a high quality service, Intuit has revisited throttling and rate limits announced in 2016.  The enforcement of some of the limits had lapsed and will be re-instituted August 12, 2019. Review the limits and throttles […]

  • New PHP Payments SDK is now available

    In the past few months, we have received numerous requests for providing a PHP Payments SDK that can make integrating with QuickBooks Online Payments API easier. After carefully examining common use cases and applying industry best practices, the PHP Payments SDK is now available to all PHP developers! The PHP Payments SDK is designed to […]

  • New My Apps Experience

    Thousands of apps integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks API in order to solve for small businesses and accountants needs. Keeping that goal in mind, we have simplified the app creation and publishing process so that you can concentrate on creating apps that add everyday value to power prosperity for small businesses. With our new revised Developer […]

  • The Newest API Explorer

    At Intuit, we strongly believe feedback is a gift. Over the past few months we collected feedback from our developer community and incorporated their comments about their pain points with our developer magic potion to bring to you the latest API Explorer. The new API Explorer is designed keeping Intuit’s Design for Delight principles and […]

  • Introducing the Error Resolver Tool

    We’ve got some good news for our developer community! We are thrilled to launch a new Error Resolver tool that will help you build your apps faster. Error Resolver Tool Overview The error resolver tool is an easy-to-use search engine that looks up an error code or message and provides suggestions on how it can […]

  • OAuth 1.0 Migration – Step 4: Five Minutes of Hands-On Migration Practice

    Ready to start using your OAuth tokens?  Try one of these 5-minute tests to get first-hand practice with how token migration works. This approach applies to the QuickBooks Online accounting and payment APIs. Back in Step 2, you learned that you have different options to replace older tokens for existing users. One option is to migrate the tokens (so your existing users don’t need to sign […]