Advantage Integrated Solutions drives its way to success on IPP

Scott Wyatt of Advantage Integrated Solutions and early adopter of the
Intuit Partner Platform
recently completed and published the, Advantage
SmartRoutes for TomTom GPS, application to Intuit Workplace. We had a chance to catch up with Scott to hear more
about his application.

So… Scott, what is the Advantage SmartRoutes for TomTom GPS application? 

Advantage SmartRoutes is an application designed for any company whose
staff or contractors drive frequently for sales, service or other calls.
SmartRoutes, combined with TomTom GPS devices help centralize, organize, assign
and optimize the driving work.  It is a complete commercial solution to improve
productivity, service, and lower costs.

Wow! That’s powerful — how does it work?  
It provides a central
repository (or sync with QuickBooks customers) to consolidate all the places
personnel need to drive. Then, it geocodes this information using Yahoo! Maps
and allows users to visually build optimal itineraries.  Once the route is
built, SmartRoutes pushes the itineraries into a selected TomTom GPS unit, which
is passed to the driver. It becomes an ‘intelligent navigator’, taking the
driver(s) to all the places they need to go, in sequence and most efficiently.

QuickBooks integration?
Yes, SmartRoutes syncs with QuickBooks data to
make all customers available within the app. The customer information is then geocoded for mapping
and route planning.

How long did it take you to build the app?

Approx 400 man-hours. We contracted outside Flex expertise.

What advice would you give to other developers interested in

Keep your first version simple for lower cost and quicker to market
success. Then build on additional demand-driven functionality as

You can see a video
of the Advantage SmartRoutes
in action or try the
app directly within the Intuit Workplace






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