Register for the IPP Roadmap Update Webinar 3/6/09

The team continues to receive a tremendous amount of high quality feedback
from our developer community.  We want to share with you the features and
capabilities we have planned for the Intuit Partner Platform – this is
your chance to review those plans, give us feedback and ask questions directly
to the IPP product development team.

Register for session:

Please note: you MUST be a member of the Intuit Developer Network to attend this

You can also sign up for other planned webinars…see the Upcoming
Webinars page
for details.






2 responses to “Register for the IPP Roadmap Update Webinar 3/6/09”

  1. david Avatar

    Are the Webinars recorded and posted somewhere?

  2. Alex Barnett Avatar

    David…the IPP webinar archive is here http://ipp.developer.intuit.com/2._Technical_Resources/Videos/Webinar_archive
    The roadmap webinar isn’t on there though…these are only delivered live to registered IDN members. let me know if you had any specific questions – alex_barnett at intuit com

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