Startups and the Cloud – Video 1 (of 5): Welcome

The choices startup Software as a Service (SaaS) providers have in this new age of “Cloud Computing” can be overwhelming, confusing and risky.

In June Intuit hosted the "Startups and the Cloud" event bringing together industry experts and successful SaaS startups to discuss a range of issues startups must consider to build a successful business and get an idea to market as quickly as possible.

At the event, we were joined by leading VCs and startups who shared their views and experiences about how to navigate the cloud provider space, as well as Intuit’s co-founder Scott Cook who discussed how cloud computing can foster innovation and how an intense focus on customer needs enables businesses to deliver successful products.

It was a successful event, with good attendance and some great content that emerged during the day. We also had a filming crew in attendance who recorded each of the main sessions. Over the next few days we’ll be publishing the recorded sessions (five in all).

Below is the first of the sessions – the event Welcome and introduction by Bill Lucchini, VP and GM, Platform as a Service Group, Intuit. Enjoy!

Startups and the Cloud – Video 1 (of 5) – Welcome






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