Startups and the Cloud – Video 3 (of 5) – Intuit Founder, Scott Cook Q&A

In June Intuit hosted the "Startups and the Cloud" event bringing together
industry experts and successful SaaS startups to discuss a range of issues
startups must consider to build a successful business and get an idea to market
as quickly as possible.

At the event we were joined by Scott Cook, co-founder of Intuit Inc. in 1983
and now serves as the chairman of the Executive Committee. Scott was interviewed
by Bill Lucchini (VP of the Intuit’s PaaS Group discussing how cloud computing
can foster innovation and how an intense focus on customer needs enables
businesses to deliver successful products.

This was also the day that Microsoft announced its plans to stop
selling Microsoft Money
. As this article puts

“The defeat of Microsoft Money at the hands of Intuit's Quicken marks a
rare chapter in the annals of software history.

Intuit is one of the few companies to take Microsoft head-on on its home
turf–packaged software–and come out on top. Even more notably, Intuit has
managed to do it several times, with Quicken of course, but also with QuickBooks
and TurboTax.”

It was a special day for Scott and Intuit, and we were very fortunate to have him
at the event in person to share his perspective not only on that monumental battle but also few stories about Intuit's early days as a startup, how he sees opportunities for startups in today's economic climate, the importance on solving real customer problems, his excitement around the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) and the world of SaaS.

More videos from the event:

  • Video 1: Welcome,
    by Bill Lucchini, VP and GM, Platform as a Service Group, Intuit (@wapl).
  • Video 2: State of cloud computing and the market opportunity” Vishy
    Venugopalan (@midtownninja

We’ll be publishing the rest of the videos (5 in total) over the next week.






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