Fresh from the IPP CloudJam: PHP Tools

Last week’s IPP CloudJam in Waltham was a blast. We had a great mix of people sharing their knowledge, hacking code and competing in three tracks separate technology tracks. One of those tracks was for the best OSS IPP solution.

During the first day, a lot of energy gathered around building PHP components and Drupal Modules for IPP. There are a few PHP federated applications being developed, another developer is involved with the civiCRM project, and a longtime IDN developer, Keith Palmer of Consolibyte, has been developing Open Source PHP tools to integrate with QuickBooks for some time.

Keith cornered me the first evening to help him understand how to call IPP APIs from PHP. Using the IPP Java DevKit as a pattern, Keith started work building out a set of PHP tools to integrate with IPP. When we came in the next morning, Keith had a working demo using a subset of the API.

Long story short, Keith won the OSS track competition and has launched a PHP DevKit project on code.intuit.com. Not only have all of the PHP developers from the CloudJam joined the project, the Intuit Connect engineers at Intuit have also joined (and they were not even at the CloudJam or part of the IPP team).

If you are a PHP developer and interested in IPP, you should check out the PHP DevKit project on code.intuit.com.






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  1. Aaron Evans Avatar

    Very cool. I’m using the Intuit PHP DevKit and Keith at Consolibyte has done a great job. There’s even useful documentation, though it can always be improved 😉 I’d like to help.

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