Announcing IPP v2.12

We’re excited to announce that IPP v2.12 is now live and available for IPP partners. This release is another in a series focused on extending developer tools and data services, as well as improving the shopping, buying, and user experience for end customers.


1. Improved toolbar enabled for all end-users
The improved toolbar has been enabled for all end-users as of Friday 10/8/2010. Users will now see the new toolbar design and functionality for all applications by default. Please continue to review your applications with the new toolbar to identify any potential compatibility issues.
Please note the new toolbar also has new functionality for displaying a custom application logo, as well as color and hyperlink customizations.

2. Update to GetEntitlementValues API
The GetEntitlementValues API has been enhanced, allowing it to be called using developer credentials for all subscriptions. In conjunction with GetBillingStatus, developers can get now get complete billing information for all subscriptions. Previously, GetEntitlementValues was only available at a user level.
Review the IPP Release notes for more information.

3. New APIs for QuickBooks Desktop data
Two new APIs are being made available in this release.

  • CompanyAvailableList replaces the CompanyAvailable API and provides better performance than the current CompanyAvailable API. CompanyAvailable API is deprecated and will be disabled in twelve months.
  • ItemConsolidated provides an aggregation of several API calls on Item entities.
    Review the IPP Release notes for more information.

4. Software Updates / Fixes
For a complete list of software updates / fixes included in IPP v2.12, please review the Intuit Partner Platform release notes.






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