IPP Apps Showcase: August 11, 2011

San Francisco, CA

$100,000 in cash prizes and a handpicked audience of investors and influencers!

Join us for the IPP Apps Showcase!
Join us as we bring your applications to the world at the IPP Apps Showcase event on August 11, 2011 in San Francisco, CA, and give you a chance to win $100,000 in cash prizes.

Bring your IPP application to the world!
Awesome apps that work with QuickBooks—built by developers like you—are a huge part of the Intuit Partner Platform vision. To support you in your efforts, Intuit has launched the IPP Apps Showcase, which will provide awards for great apps available through Intuit App Center.

IPP Developers are invited to apply to participate to demo their applications on stage in front of a handpicked audience of VCs, press, key influencers and customers.

$100,000 in cash prizes and a handpicked audience of investors and influencers!
We’ve invited VCs, press, analysts and key influencers to attend and be our judges for the contest. They’ll decide who walks away with $100,000 in cash prizes. PLUS, in addition to cash, the Grand Prize winner will also receive a targeted IPP Marketing Campaign for their winning app! We want YOU to join us for this awesome event to get your app in front of lots of customers, key influences, and maybe win some money too!

We will be streaming the event LIVE and will be broadcasting to our Small Businesses and Accountant communities.

Compete for cash prizes and build valuable relationships!
Apply to participate today. All entries must be received by April 15th. We’ll announce who’s been chosen to demo on April 22nd.
Complete rules and additional details are listed on the website. If you’re lucky enough to be chosen to compete at August 11 event, the day will look something like this:

  • Developers who are chosen as finalists will have EXACTLY five minutes to give an on-stage demo of their app in front of the audience and judges. Demos must cover the problem size, the quality of solution and its uniqueness. (These are also the criteria the judges will use to select the winners.)
  • The demo will be followed by three minutes of Q&A where the judges will ask one or two clarifying questions.

Mark your calendar with these key dates!

  • April 15 – Entry Deadline: Any developer with a new or existing IPP application is encouraged to apply to participate, even if the application is not yet available through Intuit App Center.
  • April 22 – Finalists Announced: Developers that are chosen to participate will be announced.
  • July 22 – Publication Deadline: To be considered for the event, your application must be live on Intuit App Center on or before July 22nd.

Apply to participate today!






3 responses to “IPP Apps Showcase: August 11, 2011”

  1. Tony Avatar

    We are very excited to be a part of this contest win or lose. The Corelytics Financial Dashboard (shown at http://www.coreconnex.com) is on track to be delivered on time.

  2. Steve Avatar

    Great event … if your note here, hope you our viewing it on line live!

  3. Steve Avatar

    Great App Showcase … Great Apps every … Check out AuditMyBooks Analyzer, it’s anti-virus for QuickBooks and QuickBooks OnLine to help small businesses find errors and fraud quickly, efficiently, cost effectively.

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