Announcing IPP v2.16

IPP v2.16 is now live and available for IPP partners. This release is another in a series focused on extending developer tools and data services, as well as improving the shopping, buying, and user experience for end customers.



· Search:
We’ve added a new search feature to the App Center, which allows for free-form text searches. The search will find matching apps containing all the entered keywords. Searches will generate a matching URL that can be bookmarked or shared. Keywords, attributes, and categories will all be contained in the URL.

· Search Attributes:
IPP Marketing can now assign apps search attributes, such as “Free” or “Works with QuickBooks”. These search attributes are displayed in the new “More search options” panel and are included in the new search URLs that can be bookmarked or shared.

· All Apps Enhancements:
We’ve added the new search attributes to the All Apps page for easy filtering by the new App Attributes (in addition to the existing Category filters).

Please review the release notes for more information on App Center enhancements.


· Developer Interface:
The developer interface (creating new apps, links for publishing/managing apps) has been changed to allow for easier management of apps. Applications in the My Apps page can now be viewed in “list” mode and all apps are searchable by name. This will make it easier to find and manage all your applications.

· New Reports – Customer Cancellation Report:
Create your own reports or download them for offline viewing (in csv format). Easily view cancellation data using the from/to date filters. The Cancellation report shows Customer Name, Customer Email, App Dbid, Plan Name, Phone Number and Start/Cancel dates.

· In-App Billing (Private Beta) (previously called One-Time billing):
With one-time billing, you can charge your customers at any time with a separate API call for each charge. IPP handles the authorization of the charges and the billing to customers. Your application implements the authorization flow with the API calls to execute the charge. If you are a published developer and would like to be part of the one time billing private beta, please contact IPP Support.

· Automatic Schema Upgrade:
With this feature, if the current application instance does not have the latest version of the schema, IPP will automatically update the application’s schema. Prior to that release, federated applications and IPP-hosted applications created without the IPP Flex or SBL Eclipse tools were responsible for upgrading the schemas. These applications performed this function by checking for the latest version and then calling API_UpdateSchema. For IPP-hosted applications created with the IPP Flex or SBL Eclipse tools, upgrading the schema has always been “automatic.”

· OAuth Tokens in SAML Assertion:
IPP now provides for OAuth tokens along with the existing authentication signatures returned in the SAML assertion that authenticates API calls. IPP now supports API calls authorized with either SAML tickets (username/password-style authentication) or OAuth tokens. Eventually, IPP will phase out the use of SAML tickets, and OAuth tokens will be the only supported authorization signature type for API calls. In addition to providing a uniform means to authenticate with IPP Services, OAuth tokens can be obtained for the purpose of unattended process execution; the client can call the server without the requirement that the user be logged in for the authentication to remain in effect.

Please review the release notes for more information on platform enhancements.

Expanded Data Services for QuickBooks Desktop Data


  • New entities supported: Check (CU), PurhcaseOrder (CRU), JouranEntry (CU)
  • Documentation updates: Data Synchronization (including Status, SyncActivity), Querying for objects in error (ErrorObject)
  • Product behavior changes:
    • Objects in transit state (i.e. being written back to QuickBooks) are now being returned as part of normal query
    • Any attempt to modify/delete an object in transit state will result in 20889 eror response code being returned from IDS. 

Please review the release notes for more information on Intuit Data Services enhancements. 


For a complete list of software updates / fixes included in IPP v2.16, please review the Intuit Partner Platform release notes.






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