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Small Businesses drive the nation's economy. And QuickBooks drives the back office functions for 4 million of those small businesses. Understanding who are your best customers, your cashflow, your inventory, and your accounts receivables, are critical information for any Small Business. But QuickBooks only solves some of the functions of a small business – not everything they need to successful.

For the past 2.5 years, we've been building the Intuit Partner Platform to securely and efficiently bring this data to our developers, so they can deliver best of breed applications to the SMB community. We're building the platform that connects the best apps for small business with the most important small business data.

Since our launch, we've developed a full PaaS offering for new app development and pioneered business app Federation – allowing apps built on any Platform to integrate with IPP. In doing so, we've connected together over 100 SMB applications and helped over 1,000,000 Small Business users find IPP connected apps through our Intuit App Center.

Today, we're excited to announce IPP is taking the next step in our journey, with Intuit Anywhere. With Intuit Anywhere, any SaaS or Mobile application can securely connect to IPP and QuickBooks data. For a Small Business, this means with one-click, they can "Connect to QuickBooks" from an Intuit Anywhere enabled app, sign-in with their Intuit Account, and instantly have QuickBooks data available to them.

We're pleased to announce six new partners that will be joining IPP leveraging the Intuit Anywhere technology.

  • Bill.com
  • Concur
  • eBay
  • FreshBooks
  • Mavenlink
  • MethodCRM.com

With these partners joining the 100 apps currently on IPP (and Salesforce.com coming later this summer), Small Businesses now have the premier destination with Intuit App Center to discover applications that work together, and with their QuickBooks data, to solve their needs.

It's fast and easy for developers to get started, power their business applications with QuickBooks data and delight their customers. We've also focused on the customer experience, providing single-sign-on throughout the ecosystem and a consistent widget for simple navigation and permissions management.

Small businesses can now leverage their most critical business data with the apps they use everyday – any app, any device, anywhere!

If you'd like more information or would like to join the Intuit Anywhere beta, please sign up here.

In the meantime, please checkout below some quotes from our partners regarding Intuit Anywhere, and find out more about our next IPP CloudJam.

Alex Chriss
Director, Intuit Partner Platform


Intuit Anywhere Partner Quotes

“Intuit Anywhere gives Bill.com and other developers the tools to create amazing, secure user experiences while ensuring customer data is continuously synchronized with QuickBooks Online. Intuit Anywhere strengthens Bill.com’s ability to help SMBs stay on top of their payables and receivables processes, giving SMB’s access to their documents, payments and approvals in the cloud.” 
Rene Lacerte, CEO, Bill.com.

“Concur Breeze eliminates the pain of expense reporting, offering millions of small businesses one seamless expense reporting and administration experience – anywhere on the web or from their mobile device. With Intuit Anywhere integration, Concur Breeze expense data now flows seamlessly into QuickBooks, making it easy for employees on the road and an ideal solution for SMB managers and the finance and accounting professionals who advise them.” 
Elena Donio, executive vice president and & GM, Concur.

“Intuit Anywhere has made it easy for FreshBooks to integrate our online invoicing system with QuickBooks. It's the right move for Intuit, for FreshBooks, and most importantly for our customers whojust want to focus on their work, not their paperwork.” 
Mike McDerment, president, CEO and co-founder, FreshBooks.

“Integrating QuickBooks Online with Mavenlink is one of the most requested features from our user base and Intuit Anywhere has delivered. By working with Intuit, thousands of our SMB customers who work online with their clients will be able to spend more time collaborating, reduce administration and have an accurate reflection of their business financials.
Ray Grainger, founder and CEO,

“The ease of building and marketing apps using Intuit Anywhere means we’re going to see more developers integrating with QuickBooks. So, not only are QuickBooks users going to benefit from the convenience of single sign-on for their favorite apps, they’ll also have more apps to choose from.” 
Paul Jackson, president and founder, MethodCRM.com

Learn more

  • If you'd like more information or would like to join the Intuit Anywhere beta, please sign up here.
  • Intuit will be hosting an IPP CloudJam at its Mountain View, Calif. headquarters on Aug. 9- 10. Developers will be able to learn more about Intuit Anywhere and spend time coding alongside the Intuit Partner Platform team. The event will include breakout sessions on Intuit Data Services with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, the mobile SDK, open source resources and marketing. More information and registration for the free event can be found here.








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