Live Blog from the Intuit App Showcase (Part V)

We're still at it, folks!

BotBill takes the stage.  This app is focused on automatic invoicing, electronic payments, and late payment follow up.  In about 30 seconds, they demonstrated how you can receive and pay for an invoice, send invoice, charge credit card, send receipt, send email confirmation, and write the transaction automatically to QuickBooks.  BotBill can also send reminder emails at set frequencies for customers that don't pay–beware.  The VCs are asking about distribution and BotBill is talking about the value of working through ProAdvisors to drive distribution.  We love their logo, by the way!

Concur has been an expense management system for over a decade and today they're sharing a new app, Breeze, with us.  With QuickBooks data synced, the team works through a set-up of Breeze, which takes only about a minute. Breeze is fully integrated with Trip*It so pulling travel data in is fast and easy.  You can add receipts a variety of ways and attach them with drag and drop ease.  Their mobile functionality is complete . . . create, attach receipts, approve.  Concur is AmEx's exclusive expense management solution; not bad for credibility.

PropelWare's CTO is now on stage to pitch OneWay Commerce.  This app enables you to easily set up a storefront on your Facebook page.  All it takes is a store name and a PayPal account.  This may seem simple but don't be fooled.  OneWay Commerce offers time-based promotions and works with 22 currencies.  OneWay Commerce fully integrates into Facebook; the shop tab appears on the Facebook Page.  There's a "Like" button right below product, enabling social sharing to Facebook friends.  All this happens within Facebook, so there no disruptive experience.  It's social, simple and fully integrated.  The VCs love that this the first ecommerce solution we've seen today.  We're big fans of the social component too!

BodeTree's co-founder tells us 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years and their mission is to help small businesses beat the odds.  This app features an interactive dashboard to monitor value drivers, real time but goes beyond dashboards to help a business owner articulate strategy, understand key value drivers and make better decisions. Because of the QuickBooks integration, there's no manual data entry, saving time or money.  The are more "no's" but in all good ways: no software, no contracts, no hassles.  Interestingly, education is a big part of this app, giving you exactly the information you need, exactly when you need it.    Another interesting feature of the app is the ability to generate professional business snapshot instantly.  Up next is an optimization tool to help you understand potential changes to your business and steps you can take to maximize value.  The path to business enlightenment is looking good!

bMobileNow takes the stage with a mobile invoicing app for the Android phones and tablets.  Goodbye paper!  With bMobileNow, a user can look at customers, issue invoices, and review contracts. The invoice section will also allow the guy in the field to see inventory on hand and selling price.  Invoices can be emailed and there's also a companion device that allows for printing on the spot.  There's an iOS version on the way.  At the end of the day, bMobile wants it to be the end of the day with its simple, elegant solution. 

It's not the end of our day, though.  One more wave of presenters to come.






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