Two Improvements to Intuit App Center's Reviews and Ratings

We’re excited to announce two significant improvements to Intuit App Center’s ratings and reviews functionality.  One of the things we’ve heard from this community is a desire for improvements in reviews on App Center and in December we’re rolling out two new features:  a new review engine and Intuit funded Pro Advisor reviews of every app on App Center.  These are the first of many changes we’re making to deliver a better experience for our customers and developer partners. 

New Review Engine (launching Dec 27th): 

Customer Benefits
With this new functionality, customers can:

  •  Post reviews including pictures and links to video
  • Comment on other’s reviews and receive notification of comments on their own reviews
  • Browse and make purchase decisions with advanced search, filtering, and sorting
  • Post links to Facebook or Twitter
  • Recommend products to other customers while reviewing a product
  • “Follow” a product and be notified of any new reviews or comments

Developer Benefits
As a developer, you also get significant new benefits including:

  •  Ability to comment on a customer’s reviews and include screenshots and videos
  • Be identified as a developer via a Developer badge
  • “Follow” your app and be notified instantly of new reviews on the site

Developer Notes:

  •  All existing App Center reviews will be migrated to the new engine
  • Customers will be required to login to leave comments
  • This review engine is only for App Center applications and new review functionality and reviews will only show on Intuit App Center (not on Intuit Marketplace)
  • Please be sure to review the developer guidelines. These guidelines will also be incorporated into your developer agreement.

Pro Advisor Reviews of App Center Apps (beginning now!)

Moving forward every app will receive its first app review from a certified Intuit Pro Advisor.  For existing applications, it will be added to the app’s existing reviews.

The review will include a 1-5 star rating followed by an assessment of the app that includes:

  • Overview of the functionality of the app
  • How the app integrates with QuickBooks and/or QuickBooks Online, including quality of the integration
  • What type of small business would best benefit from this app
  • What benefits the app delivers to a small business client

As we continue to make investments in improving the customer experience on the App Center, we believe that user generated content and feedback will have increasing importance in the customers’ purchase decisions. Over time, we expect to use the ratings information to influence how customers see and purchase apps on Intuit App Center.

I hope you are as excited as we are with the improvements to Intuit App Center for both customers and developers. Please let us know if you have questions or comments on our forums

The IPP Team







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