Upcoming Intuit App Center Updates

With our next IPP release scheduled for December 18, we’re making a couple of exciting improvements to Intuit App Center.

App Presentation Order

The biggest change is that apps in App Center will no longer be presented in alphabetical order. We will be presenting apps based on a simple formula: number of reviews x star rating (to represent quality).

This is a change that the IPP developer community has been asking for and is a significant step to enable developers to control their App Center placement to a greater degree.  We encourage you to go to App Center and check both the quantity and quality of reviews that you have. If you haven’t been doing so, now is the time to actively solicit reviews from your customers.  As you may recall, we’ve moved to using BazaarVoice functionality for reviews. It’s never been easier to write or faster to publish a review.

Search Engine Optimization

We’ve also made improvements to the site to enable better performance in organic search and expect
to see an increase in organic search traffic in the 5% range with this effort.  We encourage you to revisit your App Card content and ensure that key words for your app appear consistently in the meta title, meta description as well as in the app card copy itself.

Additional Promotional Opportunities

Finally, we are working to open up additional promotional placements across the App Center experience.
These placements will be driven by app performance, balancing paid subscriptions, retention, new trials, and app card views. The team is trying to look at the app portfolio holistically, both to promote the best of our established apps but also accelerate apps that may be showing promise. Overall what this means is more potential promotional opportunities for our IPP dev community. So keep driving for great reviews, and thank you for continuing to create great apps!

Sharon Delman
Director, Intuit App Center Marketing






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  1. Paul Jackson Avatar

    Sharon – I tip my hat to you and the IPP team for these updates, especially the App Presentation Order. It is great to see Intuit making a commitment to developers – “Let the best app win, regardless of who wrote it”
    Here are my props to you:
    Paul Jackson
    Founder & CEO
    Method CRM

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