IPP Forum Topics moving to StackOverflow

Hey folks

We want to give you a heads-up that we are planning on
switching from our current developer forums to StackOverflow for all IPP
related topics starting December 18.

We are doing this as part of a
broader set of activities to dramatically improve the end-to end-experience for developers on IPP.

We've received much feedback over this
past year about our forums and many of you specifically suggested
StackOverflow which we recognize is becoming the hub for many developers
to find answers for a variety of technical questions.

Our team is
committed to participation on StackOverflow and will continue to field
questions there for anything tagged "Intuit Partner Platform".  We
encourage our broader community of IPP developers to share their wealth
of knowledge as well. By doing this we hope to foster a strong IPP
community with a wealth of information easily available and easily
searchable on StackOverflow.

Our current forums as it pertains to IPP
topics will be frozen at midnight of Dec 18 and will continue to be
available for reference. Other topics such as QBSDK will continue in our
current forums for the time being.

Here's how you would search for IPP topics on StackOverflow:


and if you need to ask a new question:


We encourage you to provide any feedback you may have about this move. We look forward to providing you a great IPP experience.

Grace Francisco

Sr. Manager, Intuit Developer Relations






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