IPP Customer Account Data API one step closer to Prime Time

On December 19th, the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) will be releasing the IPP Customer Account Data API to over 60 third party developers in a broader Limited Availability wave, moving one step closer to a public offering in the data aggregation and categorization market.

Why are we doing this?

Intuit has been using this in-house aggregation and categorization engine in products like Quicken, QuickBooks, and Mint.com for a number of years.  Additionally, Intuit has sold the access to this functionality to select financial institutions over the last few years, but the previous integration process required white-glove level professional services and high touch developer support.  Intuit recognized a growing demand for broader access and over the past year we've worked hard to make the technology available in a self-serve fashion, so that 3rd party developers can access the technology through IPP in a scalable and economical way.

What's new in this release?

In an effort to enhance IPP developer experience, we

  • have combined the functionality of multiple IPP identities into one simple login for developers using the Customer Account Data API
  • are now leveraging Stack Overflow for developer forums for IPP topics
  • a new robust back-end implementation for management of IPP developer support incidents

IPP developers can now experience a fully integrated experience at developer.intuit.com – whether they want to access QuickBooks data using an Intuit Anywhere apps or Customer Account Data.
How can I get access ?

External developers who would like to get advanced access to the API can sign up at http://developer.intuit.com/agg-cat/index.html and we will contact you as we open up access to the service more broadly.

Howard Shen
Group Product Manager, Intuit Partner Platform






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  1. brannan.n@gmail.com Avatar

    The access link is broken!!

  2. codyaverett@gmail.com Avatar

    Access link is still broken!

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