QuickBooks API v3 April Release

Hey folks

Just wanted to give you all a quick update that the April Release for QuickBooks API v3 was completed last week. As part of that, we've published the first round of documentation and have made that available for everyone to view:

V3 docs

Currently the v3 API is only accessible by a small number of early adopters we've accepted into our v3 program. We'll open up applications again leading up to the July release. In the meanwhile if you have any comments or suggestions based on what you see in the docs, please share them here.






8 responses to “QuickBooks API v3 April Release”

  1. Mike Branch Avatar
    Mike Branch

    What’s the status of the legacy IDN web site? I can’t log in to manage my QBO SDK apps (either get password failure or the page hangs). Has that gone away?


  2. Tamagawa PublicRealNamesSuck Avatar
    Tamagawa PublicRealNamesSuck

    Does this include Unicode support? Our inventory system currently requires Unicode disabled to talk to QuickBooks, but this means that all international orders that haven’t been “Americanised” (no accents, no CJK characters, no Arabic or Thai characters…) get turned into question marks in inventory and QuickBooks.

    This also means that we have to copy the correct text from the order management system to the shipping system. If we get >16000 records from China alone–and ship to dozens of other countries–we’ll be pretty screwed. Which means that if QuickBooks and the QuickBooks APIs don’t support Unicode, we either can’t use QuickBooks or have to ship only to the tiny subset of places that don’t have “un-American” characters.

  3. Jarred Keneally Avatar
    Jarred Keneally

    Hi Mike, If you could submit your question here https://developer.intuit.com/Support/Overview we will help you manage your SDK application. Thanks -Jarred

  4. Prescott Paulin Avatar
    Prescott Paulin

    5 million small businesses use QuickBooks, and the API isn’t even planned to support individual / custom integrations?! How is innovation supposed to occur to support the newest SaaS offerings from Nutshell.com and BambooHR.com…? Look out Intuit– you’re going to lose market share to Xero and Wave Accounting if you’re not opening your platform up to development. I can think of three QuickBooks companies we’ll be moving to another platform if we don’t have easy access to updating invoices via a SOAP or JSON API. Get your act together!!

  5. Forrest Zeisler Avatar
    Forrest Zeisler

    Please make it easier for developers to get on the V3 beta. Any dev who will be working with it, understands what “beta” means. We won’t get angry if it’s not 100% solid, or changes occur. The sooner we’re on, the better our integrations will be. I’ve been trying to get access for weeks now with no luck.

    1. Pearce Avatar

      There is a new application available for the V3 Early Adopters: https://developer.intuit.com/blog/2013/06/21/application-is-live-v3-early-adopter-program-july-group
      Hope this helps,

  6. Robert Miller Avatar
    Robert Miller

    Yet another 404, of course

  7. Lori Fraleigh Avatar
    Lori Fraleigh

    We’ve updated the links – sorry for the errors. Content moves around over two years!

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