Connecting with the Intuit Partner Platform Team

Over the last 2 weeks or so, developers have: called my cell phone, invited me to a meeting via my personal email address, sent me messages via LinkedIn, and even sent a message via my about.me page. I didn’t even know the last one was even possible.

Even though, I think it is great that developers know who I am (Developer Evangelist for the Intuit Partner Platform), and are tracking me down via these channels, I started to wonder why it was happening so much.

Then this morning a new developer told me that he was banging his head trying to figure out how to contact someone on our team. Stepping back, I could see his point. We really don’t have one place on the developer site with this info. So here you go.

Here are all the ways to contact the Intuit Partner Platform team:

  • Stack Overflow – We are using the Stack Overflow community for technical discussions.
  • Live Community Forum – We are using this forum for any NON technical discussions.
  • Support Tickets – Our support team is awesome!
  • Blog – You are here, this will be our primary communication channel.
  • Facebook – Have you liked us yet?
  • Google Plus – Join us for a weekly Friday Morning Hangout (9am to 12pm PST).
  • @IPPdev on Twitter – Our everyday twitter handle.
  • @IPPStatus on Twitter – Follow this account to get the current status of the platform.
  • Feedback – Have an idea? Need a specific api call? Let us know what we should do next.

Oh, and to prove this isn’t a punt, by me, to avoid you. 🙂 Here is my contact info:
email: david_leary@intuit.com | skype: david.leary | cell: 520.245.5261 | twitter: @davidleary 







5 responses to “Connecting with the Intuit Partner Platform Team”

  1. Shirsha Radhakrishna Avatar
    Shirsha Radhakrishna

    Good stuff, David. I’m in IPP’s Engineering organization and I’d love to hear from you all as well. Best way to reach me is via http://twitter.com/shrisha. I have also curated a list of IPP folks here: https://twitter.com/shrisha/lists/ipp

  2. cheung tam Avatar
    cheung tam

    Thanks for consolidating the communication channels for everyone. I’m the Senior Product Manager for Developer Experience and Customer Account Data API (Aggregation / Categorization). You can reach me via email: cheung_tam@intuit.com. If you are interested in or currently exploring our CAD APIs, feel free to reach out and let me know your feedback. Would be great to hear from you.

    Cheung Tam

  3. Patty Hair Avatar
    Patty Hair

    Thanks for posting this, David. I’m the Staff Technical Writer for IPP technical documentation and I always enjoy hearing from our developers–I value all your comments. You can reach me at patty_hair@intuit.com or http://twitter.com/pelopatty.

  4. Karen Magno Avatar

    Thanks David. To all developers if you have the time you should stop in to the Google Hangout on Fridays. Great way to connect with the IPP team and other developers.

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