Getting Started with QuickBooks API

One feedback we have got is that getting started with QuickBooks development can at times be daunting. Ever since the release of the new developer.intuit.com in May, we have been successively improving the information available to developers by consolidating the information in one place, introducing an efficient search and improving the app management area.

In this continuation of our efforts to simplify your development experience, we have prepared a guide to better explain the QuickBooks development landscape and the first steps you need to take. The “Getting Started with QuickBooks API” guide will help you understand at a high level –

  1. Integration options with QuickBooks
  2. Getting setup with the QuickBooks REST APIs
  3. Next steps

Check it out and as you always do, give us feedback to improve it. This is a live document and we will keep it updated with your feedback and new information.

Guide: Getting Started with QuickBooks API






16 responses to “Getting Started with QuickBooks API”

  1. Eric LaPierre Avatar

    From what I have seen so far I would rather pour gasoline in my eyes then integrate with your crap…

  2. Joe Dwyer Avatar

    This document is great and I think it gives a good picture of the overall process for connecting QuickBooks. As a company that has completed multiple QB integrations for clients, it is admittedly complex process, but this doc logically breaks it down and makes it much more understandable.

    I’ll definitely use this with our clients as we help paint a picture of the overall view of how integrating with QuickBooks benefits other apps.

  3. Forrest Zeisler Avatar

    I have written several QuickBooks integrations for my company over the past 3 years. We started with the webconnector, QBSDK, V2 and now the V3 REST beta. As Eric has observed, there were certainly times which were painful. That being said, the past 6 months has showed huge progress.

    What has changed:

    1) As this post mentions, http://developer.intuit.com provides dramatically better documentation than we’ve been provided with in the past. There is certainly room to improve, and docs are always a moving target. However the progress has been noticed and appreciated.

    2) Intuit seems to have finally figured out how to build an API. V3 is a significant improvement over previous integrations. It’s not bug-free yet, but the direction is much improved. I believe that once it’s production ready, anybody who has ever tried to integrate in the past will breath a sigh of relief. It’s the first API where it felt like Intuit “got it”.

    3) The developer support channels have improved. Stackoverflow is quicker that the old forum for easy questions. For bugs and difficult problems, the support tickets are responded to much quicker (my understanding is that they scaled up the dev support team).

    Again, it’s not all roses. The approval process is a bit more of a headache than it really needs to be. I still think charging for an API is a long-term business mistake. And the V3 (which is the best for integrating against) still has some bugs. However, I believe it has and will continue to improve.

    If people have any questions about my experience developing against QB, feel free to drop be a line at @fzeisler


  4. TSheetsKelsie Time Tracker Avatar

    We’re thrilled with our success partnering with the Intuit IPP team and the overall process was a good experience. There were the inevitable glitches but the IPP team was quick to address our concerns. Bottom line, this is a great integration on a great platform and is one that you just can’t afford to ignore.

  5. Aashish Patil Avatar

    Hi Eric –
    Sorry to hear that you have not had the best of experiences with our platform. If you have feedback for us to improve your experience, please feel free to post back or email me at aashish_patil AT intuit.com


  6. Paul Jackson Avatar

    @eric – there are stability issues, and it takes a long time for bugs to get addressed – but the IPP team has solid individuals on it, and Intuit appears committed to the long term vision of IPP. There’s no denying that it’s a great way to get access to a qualified customer base. It certainly is better than pouring gasoline on your eyes – ouch – don’t do that.

  7. Kris Dahl Avatar

    We’re interested in participating, but there are some major roadblocks that may prevent us from doing so. It looks like Intuit is thinking that the only apps that would exist would be JUST to interface to Quickbooks, and used by finance/accounting folks. The Quickbooks integration would be only a minor part of our app, and while some accounting/finance folks make up the user base, it is a tiny percentage.

    So even though few of our users are finance/accounting folks, but we’d be required to have the Intuit menu on every page (that an administrator is logged into), and implement Open ID on every login page (again only the accounting/finance folks would even know about Intuit).

    Charging to use the API is also very odd. I can see maybe charging the Quickbooks users for the service?

    How about have great documentation, an easy and open API (REST is a nice start) and not spend as much energy controlling what developers come up with? You’ll attract more developers, that will do cooler things than anyone at Intuit considered.

    PS Also the comments section on this blog is broken if you’re not a registered developer–just doesn’t work. Only way to know why your comment isn’t posting is by using a developer tool to see the response kicking back from the comments web service…

  8. David Leary Avatar


    Thanks for your interest and feedback, we are tracking many of your suggestions here: http://intuit.me/ippfeedback

    Many of the apps on Apps.com that integrate with QuickBooks don’t offer a solution to the “finance/accounting folks” of a small business, but instead they offer solutions for many of the other roles/job functions a small business may have.

    if you would like, I can setup a meeting with you to discuss the OpenID and Intuit Menu requirements as well as the developer fees. Just shoot me an email david_leary@intuit.com.


  9. Simon Vansintjan Avatar

    It looks like Intuit has phased out V2 of the API over the weekend, and I can’t seem to find anything related to that?

    This is kind of a pain considering that I was using and building with V2, because so much of V3 was still unexplained and undocumented. Is there a way to read the old documentation?

  10. Dora Hadden Avatar

    I am trying to get simple tech support regarding a simple download. Quickbooks tech support has indicated they have no idea what I am talking about and will not assist me. On any Intuit Quickbooks webpage there are listed installers. I need QBFC8_Installer. When I click on it the installer just spins and never downloads. Would someone? Anyone? be able to assist. Seems like it should be a simple task as many customers have used it in the past. please advise.

  11. Robert Miller Avatar
    Robert Miller

    Your links a 404 like your support

  12. Daniel Walker Avatar
    Daniel Walker

    the guide link doesn’t work.

  13. Lori Fraleigh Avatar
    Lori Fraleigh

    We’ve updated the links – sorry for the errors. Content moves around over two years!

  14. Mohsin Avatar

    The guide link still not working in 2018..

  15. aaron Avatar


    1. Lisa Rathjens Avatar
      Lisa Rathjens

      we’ve updated the link … and completely revamped our doc set! let us know what you think.

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