Customer Account Data – PHP Example

Last week I posted: QuickBooks OAuth – PHP Example which featured code and a pre-constructed environment for you to quickly run the example. Today, I am posting a similar example for the Customer Account Data (CAD) API.


This example is even better than the last one, as you can simply click run.  It uses my set of test tokens to pull data from the API directly.  Also the example includes all the major calls that you would make to integrate with the API.

Go run the Customer Account data example here

Warning: the error “command not found” seems to be popping up for me on occasion.  If it happens to you then ping me and I will see if I can get runnable to fix the issue. 

Your feedback is very important with this new type of sample code. Do you like the runnable.com format? Would you like to see more of these examples or do you prefer other examples? Are you interested in contributing examples, then having us link to them? Any feedback is helpful, as no feedback is a sign that this type of example is not valuable.






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    Dead link?

    Dead link?

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