Don't Panic Marketing – Webinar 9-11-2014

As promised, the September webinar will focus on how to best market your app for the QuickBooks Online user base.  Have you ever pondered the answer to life, universe and everything; then landed on the answer of 42?  Well Deep Thought has . . . and the answer confused everyone.  In this webinar we will provide information that is much easier to understand and gain value from than 42.

Date: Thursday, September 11
Time: 10am – 11am PDT (California time)

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  • Things You Should Know
  • QuickBooks Connect Updates
  • OpenID – How it improves experiences and increases conversions. 
  • How to Successfully Market Your App on Apps.com (Main Topic)
  • Q & A

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P.S. Last time we ran out of spots in the webinar and some people were not able to attend. Please register early so I can increase the user count if necessary. 






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