What Developers Should Know About QuickBooks Desktop 2015 and the SDK

QuickBooks Desktop 2015 is now available!
QuickBooks Desktop 2015 offers new financial insights at a glance, improved reporting capabilities, and improved collaboration and efficiency. For a full list of new features click here.

IPP developers can continue to use the existing QBXML SDK v13.0 to integrate their applications with QuickBooks Desktop 2015.

QuickBooks Desktop 2015 Bug Fixes
In addition to the new features, Integrating with QuickBooks Desktop 2015 just got better with the resolution of multiple issues reported by the developer community. 

Bug Fixes Overview:

  1. Connection Issues
    • QBWG-22134- SDK- Not able to connect to QB with SDK sample App for CA Only
  2. Custom Fields
    • QBWG-20502- Different Behavior in UI is observed we we delete the custom field through SDK
    • QBWG-19576- SDK- Different Status Code & Error Message are displaying
    • QBWG-19288- SDK- Not able to Query Private Custom fields
    • QBWG-18731- SDK- Discrepancy with max limits through SDK for DataExtDefAdd
    • QBWG-18300- SDK- QB is Crashing While adding a DataDefExt
  3. Data Integrity
    • QBWG-21621- SDK – InventoryStockStatusByItem & InventoryStockStatusByVendor not fetching the data in GeneralSummaryReportQueryRq
    • QBWG-19574- SDK- Proper Error Message is not displaying.

For a complete list of Bug Fixes please visit our Release Notes page on Developer.intuit.com

Happy Coding
The Intuit Partner Platform Team 



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2 responses to “What Developers Should Know About QuickBooks Desktop 2015 and the SDK”

  1. ethan moeller Avatar

    Can we write to the Desktop API – we are using the Enterprise/local server version? Thanks.

  2. William Lorfing Avatar

    Yes, you can use the QBXML SDK to add, modify or query QuickBooks data.

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