Final Stretch to the #HackQB Pitches

When I’m running on a deadline for something due “today”, I sometimes buy some time with the mantra “today doesn’t end till I’ve gone to bed.” If I apply that rule to this hackathon, though, I’m not actually sure if this is day 2 or technically still day 1. I’ve got to admit that I faded and went to bed at 2:30am, but there were some committed and focused devs who worked all night long.  By 7am the room was humming again. I’ll let Twitter tell most of the story; the photos and tweets give a great flavor of the day/night, capped off with 45 dueling app pitches in front of a pretty esteemed panel of judges. I know the whole room — and especially the judges — were WOW’ed by the creative, diverse, and impressive apps demo’ed tonight.  Kudos and a big THANK YOU to all the devs who came, coded, and spent these last two days with us. 

You are all winners to us.

We’ve got more photos from the Hackathon on our Facebook page.  Meantime, don’t miss the announcement of the winners during the keynotes at QuickBooks Connect on Wednesday!







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