Dev site + Sandbox down Saturday, March 21

We’ll be doing some updates on Saturday, March 21 starting at 7 am PDT.

The Developer site and sandbox will down for approximately 10 hours and Apps.com will down for approximately 3 hours. 

Please follow https://twitter.com/intuitdevstatus for updates.






3 responses to “Dev site + Sandbox down Saturday, March 21”

  1. ivan heemskerk Avatar

    Will this affect my app’s ability to connect to QBO at all?

  2. Lori Fraleigh Avatar

    Your app will not be able to authorize new connections while Apps.com is down. Please see: https://intuitdeveloper.lc.intuit.com/questions/1121230-updates-on-3-21-15

  3. Andy Linton Avatar

    I getting an Internal Server Error when attempting to use the V2 QBD API. I’m trying to create a VendorCredit. I’m using the same XML that worked last week so something has changed on the server.

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